Friday, May 22, 2015

Rope and Tassel Bangles

Over the years I've come up with a few different ways to create bangles that can fit anyone.  My heart went out to all of the beautiful ladies who couldn't find a bangle to fit properly.  A couple of years ago I came up with using large zip ties and this idea has been a huge hit.  Well, last week I was at the hardware store browsing around for inspiration and I ended up in the rope section.  After a few minutes another idea smacked me in the shin (or was it that crazy man trying to get past me?)   Voila!  The rope bangle that can be made to fit anyone and everyone!
Enjoy!  xo, Mark
Try using patterned fabrics, too! 
 Stack them all the way up your arm!
Danielle rocking her new tassel bangles!
Watch the short video tutorial here
Polypropylene rope
Colorful embroidery floss
Metallic gold embroidery floss
Glue gun
1" bias cut fabric strips
Large needle
 Cut the rope to fit around your hand
Melt the ends together over a candle
*You want to do this outside
Hot glue a strip of fabric to the bangle and begin wrapping
Tie or glue embroider floss to the bangle and wrap
*Criss-cross and create a random pattern with the floss
Secure the end of the floss with more hot glue or a knot
 Tie 10" of floss in the center of a full skein of embroidery floss
Fold the skein in half and create the neck with metallic floss
by wrapping in both direction and then tying a knot
Trim the ends of the tassel
Tie the tassel to the bangle
Using a large needle, thread the loose ends through the center of the tassel and trim

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy Thurs-DIY!

Happy Thurs-DIY possums!  Every week I round up the BEST in DIY and here are my favorites this week.  Learn how to ICE DYE with Cathy Attix and make the cutest MIXED MEDIA BIRD with Pla.  These gals rock a DIY project every week!  I show you how to make no sew flower pillows and shrines with recycled cardboard..Super fun stuff.
Have fun!  xo, Mark

 Cathy Attix shows you how to make an ice dyed tunic.......How refreshing!
 Upstyle and old buffet with Chalky Finish BrePurposed.....Beautiful:
I show you how to make Box Shrines with cardboard and dollar store frames here:
Make this No Sew Flower Pillow with fabric glue and make a garden for your sofa!
Make a terrific balloon centerpiece.....The House That Lars Built shows you how here:
 Happy Hour Projects shows you how to make huge crepe paper roses here:
Kraft and Mint makes the cutest watermelon garland here:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shadow Box Shrines DIY

One day, in the not too distant future, I'm going to get a house on the beach and sell shadow boxes to passers by....I can't imagine anything I like making more than funky little boxes filled with treasures and tons of glitter!  The best part about making shadow boxes is that they don't have to cost anything.  A little recycled cardboard and an old post-card are a terrific place to start.
Have fun! xo, Mark
My Frida inspired trio 
I love the little paper flower cut outs filled with glitter!
Watch the short video tutorial here!
Hot glue and white glue
Dollar store frame
Craft knife
Copy of post-card or artwork
Paper flowers
 Take the frame apart
Cut your image the size of the frame cardboard
Mount image on the cardboard with white glue
Cut several strips of 1 1/2" wide cardboard
Cut a cardboard 1/2 circle the width of the mounted art
Hot glue the cardboard pieces together to create a frame around the image
*The 1/2 circle is the base
Paint the frame with Americana Acrylics in several bright colors
Add white glue and glitter to the corners of the frame
Paint scallops on the edges in contrasting colors
Use the Allure to add dimensional dots to all of the edges in different colors
Glue in paper flowers, jewelry and game pieces
Hot glue the glass to the face of the shrine
Dot more Allure around the edges of the glass

Friday, May 15, 2015

No Sew Flower Pillows!

Spring is here so I thought it was time to make some 3-D no-sew pillows to liven up my home! All you'll need to make these is a zip up pillow case (there's a link below to every color under the sun) and a little bit of fabric. Also, there are some amazing washable and dry cleanable fabric glues on the market, so this project is perfect for people who don't like to sew or just haven't learned yet. 
 Change up the colors and grow a complete garden on your sofa!
Have fun! xo, Mark
Livening up a plain leather chair in my living room
Photographed in my garden

Watch the short video tutorial here!
1/2 yard taffeta fabric
1/4 yard green cotton fabric
Pillow stuffing or pillow form (to fit your sham)
Try using different colors (link above)
 Cut 8 layers of taffeta in a large circle
Remove one layer and trim down the remaining layers about 1/4"
Continue to do this until you've reached one layer
*This is your center circle
Lightly singe the edges of each circle with a candle so they don't fray
Glue the circles together with E-6000 
*E-6000 is washable and dry cleanable
When dry, create the center of the flower with Allure in a yellow and let dry
Cut out several leaves in green cotton
 Figure out the flower and leaf placement
Add a thin layer of E-6000 Stitchless Glue to the outer edge of each leaf and then iron in place until the glue disappears
Add a stitch design to each leaf with Allure in light blue
When dry, glue on the flowers with more E-6000
Stuff your pillow with a pillow form or pillow stuffing
Zip or stitch closed and you're done

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Happy Thurs-DIY!

Check out the awesome-ness we have this week!  Is awesome-ness a word?  Well, it is now!
Cathie Attix rocks an off the shoulder blouse and PLA makes the cutest Frog Prince from dollar store items.  We even have an upcycled drawer garden which is just beautiful.
Hop around and say hello to these creative peeps!
xo, Mark

Cathy Attix makes a beautiful off-the-shoulder summer blouse here:  
 Make beautiful golden (inside out) geodes with easy to find supplies!  
Cathy Attix also made a gorgeous tie dyed scarf perfect for those cool summer nights!
My friend Erica made this awesome Frida doll and it deserves a shout out! 
Make this beautiful flower arrangement with cotton balls!  (in Portugese)  
Fall For DIY makes the cutest mini macaroon charms.....My mom would love these!
Pla makes the cutest little Frog Prince from dollar store items:  
See how to make this awesome drawer garden by An Aiming High Wife!  
Trimcraft shows you how to upstyle vintage bottles here:  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Golden Geodes

Ok, they're more like inside out geodes, but they still look amazing.  Lately I've been obsessed with growing crystals in the kitchen and I seriously cannot stop!  Last week I decided to paint some basic stones with my beautiful metallic gold Americana Multi-Surface and then see if they could withstand the heat and borax solution.  Guess what....They did!  I absolutely love the way these look and people can't stop playing with them.  Put them around some 
candles and you'll have an amazing centerpiece.  
Glue one on top of a box and you'll have something truly special.
Have fun!  xo, Mark
Photographed on my favorite tree stump 

Watch the short video tutorial here
Food Coloring
Pipe cleaners
Large glass jars
 Wash and paint several stones in metallic gold
*The bigger the stone, the larger the end result
Wrap the stones in pipe cleaners and secure in place
Tie a string to the stone and secure it to a pipe cleaner so that it hangs inside of the glass jar
Fill the jar with boiling water and food coloring 
 Add 1 tablespoon of borax per cup of boiling water
*You can use more if you want to
Submerge the stone into the water and let set for at least 6 hours
The longer you leave it, the larger it will grow
Remove and let dry

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happy Thurs-DIY!

Amazing projects this week folks!  Everything from rustic skeleton key wind chimes to a fabulous pretzel pillow!  I just love DIY, don't you?
Have a terrific weekend, OK!  xoxo, Mark

Pla made a fantastic robot this week!  I love it!
Let's Mingle made the cutest fruit painted pots this week!
Make beautiful Crystal Ball Jewelry by growing your own crystals with borax! Here's how:
Studio DIY makes an awesome Pretzel Pillow! WOW and YUM!
Craft and Creativity makes a BEAUTIFUL cross stitched leather bracelet!

See the fabulous projects my friends made with 
Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paints at my Garage Party!Garage Party: 
Vicki O'Dell makes a terrific plant display for her home: